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De verdslige plikter var unnagjort. Jeg fant frem snakkebrettet. 🌸


De siste gangene på snakkebrettet har ingenting skjedd. Ikke en eneste bokstav har blitt ytret.

I kveld fikk jeg noen svar, om enn rare…

Jeg hadde forberedt spørsmålene noen dager i forveien.


Miba: Tell me about the Bermuda Triangle….

Snakkebrettet:   K  E  T  E     V  N   og så ble spillebrikken flyttet til YES-knappen…..

Miba: Why do you answer me on the Speaking Board today?

Snakkebrettet:  B  E  C  A  U  S  E    N  O  O  N  E    E  L  P  R    W  I  K  L

Miba: How many enemies do I have? Jeg gruet meg til svaret, men tallet var jo latterlig lavt! Puh! 😅

Snakkebrettet: 2

Miba: Does anyone like me?

Snakkebrettet:  M  O  R  D

Miba: Should I care if I have enemies or if anyone like me?

Snakkebrettet:   F  I  3  K  S

Miba: Will ever be on the Top Ten List?

Snakkebrettet:   N  O

Miba: 😿

Miba: Tell me about yourself…

Snakkebrettet:  T  E  U  T  O  N  I  K    Q  I  J  N  T   (Teutonic betyr tysk……)

Miba: Why are all the Universes separated from each other?

Snakkebrettet:  B  C    D  Y  M  E

Miba: What is so special about orbs?!?

Snakkebrettet:  A  B  L  I  V  O  C    Forstå det den som kan….🤨


Relevant lenke:

Orb med hale!


Tidligere i dag:





-Is reincarnation real?





-Is reincarnation real?


-Yes, unfortunately…

Every creature on Planet Earth (and beyond) were given a soul; not only humans. Whales… butterflies… pigs and ants; bananaplants… trouts, cacti and algae small. A unique soul was given to them all.

Reincarnation is only problematic when it comes to human beings, though. 


-Because the human race was a mistake caused by (EtE) Evil t-Experimenters that developed us a long time ago! The humans weren’t meant to exist and cause all the heartbreaking suffering of animals or ruthless exploitation and destruction of the environment.

-When one idiot dies another one is born. More often than not, the newborn will inherit the soul and the (lack of) character from a dead person who needed to learn a lesson or two about not being evil. 🙄

Humanity is the only evil creature on Earth. All other living souls are pure by nature. No other creature reincarnate like we do, either. Animals and plants go straight to God when they die.

To avoid being reincarnated as a human being you should:

  1. Not breed! The fewer people who are born the fewer idiots are reincarnated. 👍
  2. Do spiritual work.


  • There are a few exceptions to the rule of Human Evilness. Now and then a shining person is born. These are extremely rare. You may find them among seers or holy men and holy women (especially in India) who’ve made the virtuous decisions not to procreate and to end reincarnation. I am not one of those naturally born shiners, but I’ve made a choice to stop reincarnation and not breed. I’ve found a way to force the reincarnation to end. I refuse to be born again. 😃

Jeg har levd før.