Who was the lucky one?


Lucky plant today?

For the second day (and night) in a row I’ve soaked the same empty skin of an organic lemon in some water and given the “lemonade” to a lucky plant…😊 Today it was Radermachera sinica’s turn. Gave it nothing but the drink; the soil wasn’t dry. The photo was taken straight after the drink. I then re-filled the glass with water.



Plain tap water.


Today I watered Radermachera sinica again. This time with tap water and nothing else. The mold is still present in the soil, but declining. The little tree is in overall good shape/health except for a few dead leaves equally scattered around the plant. 





I discovered mold in the soil all around Radermachera sinica today.It could have something to do with the previous drink I gave the plant…Not the least concerned about the indoor climate these sunny days with an open veranda door. A bit more worried about the plant’s health. 



A new drink…


Yesterday I gave Radermachera sinica about half a liter of Mylk which is a 100% plant based (oat) drink resembling milk (suitable for vegans) without any added sugar in it. 

The two last photos were taken 24 hours later (today), and the tree is still happy.